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Robot Cars Will Change Everything

Last week famed entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that new models of the Tesla S electric vehicle would be capable of driving themselves. While the announcement might be largely marketing, it is the first portent of a new age. Autonomous cars … Continue reading

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Praying for Science

Can prayer help the ill? Invoking God’s good will to help the sick has been a mainstay of Christianity for 2000 years. God’s role as physician-in-the-sky is manifest at Lourdes, Fatima, and countless other sites that attract hordes seeking supernatural … Continue reading

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Can the Humanities find meaning in a meaningless universe?

Two Solitudes — one solitary man I have to admit that the Chronicle of Higher Education is not my go-to choice for late night reading. I do enjoy the blog posts on language, but the tendency to publish articles on … Continue reading

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“Krauthammer” is not German for “scientist”

Normally I don’t read Charles Krauthammer. It would be like taking time out of my day to listen to the rantings of the guy who fills the bus with the smell of urine and his theories on black helicopters and … Continue reading

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Cellphones and Cancer: manufacturing fear

Three billion people use cell phones on a regular basis. That makes eight billion pounds of brain matter being subjected to cell phone radiation every day. Is this cause for concern? For a lot of people the answer is yes. … Continue reading

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Feel Good Moment Turns into Horrifying Indictment of America

What was supposed to be a feel-good story about a kind-hearted waitress has unexpectedly and wretchedly morphed into a damning indictment of inequality in America. Sarah Hoidahl works at a Ruby Tuesday in New Hampshire where she recently picked up … Continue reading

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